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25hours Hotel Berlin: City meets jungle

Suggested Design Point: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Name: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
Designer: Werner Aisslinger
Price: $$
Location: Budapester Str. 40, 10787, Berlin, Germany
For Booking:

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is a part of the hotel chain of 25hours Hotel Company which holds seven perfectly designed hotels in different cities such as Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich and so on. 25hours Berlin offers an authentic and joyful atmosphere, with its made-to-measure design and plenty of facilities that would satisfy the visitors both in the sense of comfort and joy.

Located in the center of Berlin’s West district, between Berlin Zoo and Breitscheidplatz, the Bikini-Haus building is a pretty valuable example of 1950s architectural style, which is well-preserved in time and carefully transformed into a contemporary hotel form without interfering the original details, by famous German designer, Werner Aisslinger.

As each 25hours hotel has a particular story and tailor-made interior design, based upon their location and surroundings, design team has chosen the city-meets-jungle concept, which is a cool, inventive way of reflecting the contrasts of nature and culture, mainly arising from the fact that the building is right beside the Berlin Zoo. Rooms that are overlooking to the ape and elephant areas of the zoo are called Jungle rooms, while the big city viewed ones are called Urban rooms, both furnished with modern and eclectic approach, offering an amusing, comfy accommodation.

The hotel includes 149 rooms, a meeting up space for 100 people and many other genuine zones such as the Work Lab featuring imacs or the Newscorner with latest magazines, all designed to encourage guests to sit back and focus whatever they wish to do in a relaxing environment. If one cannot feel the peace with the smell of fresh-baked bread, flowing from the woodfire bakery, the jungle sauna on top floor offers a luxurious scenic experience for the tired travelers.

Receiving a lot recognition with the 360-degree panoramic rooftop bar, the hotel also houses Monkey Bar, Burger de Ville and NENI Berlin restaurant, serving international flavors, offering guests a fulfilling appetite with its dining room, settled within a greenhouse.

Eclectic mix of sofas and seating elements generates a soothing harmony with the structure itself. Some parts specifically left wild and brutal, reference to a jungle, oriental carpets, wooden cabinets, potted plants all over the space and modern hammocks presents a mixture of wild-city life, interacting spontaneously with urban city inhabitants.


Photo courtesy of 25hours


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