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Breathing Wall II by Behnaz Farahi

Behnaz Farahi, a designer and architect from USC School of Cinematic Arts with an interest in smart materials, created an installation she called Breathing Wall. The concept of her installation is a wall that can change its shape according to the gesture based commands of the user. You can control the wall in a simillar way to your smartphone, just by waving your hand.

While the first version was a part of Skyline 2014 festival, version two had been exhibited in iMAPPENING 2014. There are several motors behind the flexible wall that can change its topography according to hand movements it captures through a depth camera. The movement imitates the actual work that would be done. There are three main commands that can be given: Swipe, Tap, Draw a Circle.

The aim of the project is to create an intuitive, hand gesture based command language to interact with a responsive enviroment. Behnaz Farahi believes that future applications of the project may not even need intermediary mechanisms and we might be able to control our environment through simple orders.

Designer and Fabricator: Behnaz Farahi
Photographer: Ramtin Khah


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